Road Infrastructure Agency: Struma Motorway development

At the end of August 2016, a ceremony took place to celebrate the beginning of the construction of an additional 24 kilometers of the Struma Motorway. The route has a high volume of traffic of any route crossing in the north-south direction of Bulgaria, connecting the six largest cities in west Bulgaria- Montana, Vratsa, Pernik, Blagoevgrad, Sofia, and Vidin. Construction will take place in the Blagoevgrad region, between the towns Kresna and Sandanski. The motorway section is to be completed by late 2019.

Included in the construction of this motor section will be the inclusion of intelligent transport systems. This will allow the monitoring of real-time traffic, vehicle weight measuring and classification, as well as meteorological observation. Such developments in road infrastructure aim to improve road safety and promote environmental preservation.

There are also additional plans to incorporate 27 bridge structures, local and agriculture road crossings and several crossings for utility communication networks, as well as recreational grounds. The completed motor project will provide fast, safe journeys for both local residents and those making trans-European journeys.