Abertis subsidiary, Sanef, collaborates with Waze

The Abertis group specialises in the operation, management and construction of toll roads. The group is formed by a variety of companies. Part of Abertis is the subsidiary company, Sanef, which has signed an agreement with Waze.  As of October 2016, the French motor operator has been collaborating with the traffic navigation app, Waze, to improve the efficiency of roads as part of the Connected Citizens programme. The app allows road users within a community to share real-time road and traffic updates, working to reduce commute times and petrol costs. The app can also alert you of accidents, hazards and traffic jams on your route. Likewise, it is frequently edited and improved to reflect any new changes, providing you with the most updated road information.  As part of the information-sharing agreement, Sanef has set up signal repeater makers every 40 metres in the tunnels of the A14 toll road in the Île-de-France region. This means that network connection will not be lost and therefore users will continue to have real-time traffic updates whilst in the tunnel.