New networking partner: Egis

We would like to announce another addition to the Road User Charging Conference’s array of world-renowned networking partners: Egis. The Egis group is a French company consisting of around 13,000 employees that provide infrastructure and transport systems, as well as consultancy services and project structuring. Their dedicated project areas include roads, bridges and underground structures, urban transport and cross sector services. Egis’ engineering expertise in the road sector has been its biggest area of business where it specialised in providing network operations, through to project development. Egis takes on projects ranging from large scale to time-critical, working to develop tools that help make today’s infrastructure projects attainable in terms of being more environmentally friendly, more readable and safer- all through Egis’ exceptional infrastructure engineering capacity.

The construction of bridges, tunnels and dams also plays a key role in Egis’ infrastructure projects as geotechnical approaches are incorporated to optimise the environmental, economic and technical performance of their structures. Likewise, Egis adopt an eco-design approach in order to reduce the impact on the environment- from the natural and physical to the man-made. This environmental awareness also translates in their other projects, including areas such as urban transport and cities. They cater their transport solutions based on the individual needs of the city. Egis envision the city of tomorrow as one which addresses the challenges of the triple transition: demographic transition, energy and environmental transition, and the digital transition. Addressing these transitions include means of responding accordingly to our population growth, minimising our carbon footprint and adapt to climate change; and developing, incorporating and utilising new technologies- all of which Egis aim to achieve in their projects.

Egis has a worldwide presence with many well-established partnerships and relations. Currently, Egis has been a presence in Ukraine for over 20 years, in which time the company has become a key presence in Ukrainian infrastructure sector. Egis went from providing technical assistance and consulting services to increased involvement in major project that aimed to harmonise legislation and regional development in Ukraine. A team from Egis who worked on the design of the Citadelle Bridge in Strasbourg, which is due to be commissioned in April 2017, won an award in in the 2016 French National Engineering Awards as recognition for their design.