T-Systems International confirm as a sponsor and thought leadership partner

We gladly welcome T-systems on board as a new sponsor and thought leadership partner for the 2017 Road User Charging Conference, where it will be sharing its broad industry insight on day one of the conference. T-systems will be speaking about tolling as a service, discussing the ways in which service providers can successfully implement and provide European Electronic Toll Services (EETS).

T-systems specialise in providing information and communication technology systems for a variety of businesses in various industries. It is is one of the largest SAP outsourcing companies in Europe, as well as offering solutions and services to SAP users. T-systems also offer road tolling solutions, one of which is the satellic tolling platform – a satellite based road user charging system that automatically monitors road usage to calculate the charges accordingly. This works on the basis of automatic data capture and GPS for toll calculation. It can be easily incorporated and combined with existing IT systems and provides effective data privacy protection, only selecting and using the necessary information.

T-systems believe strongly in collaboration as being integral to business success and have recently joined forces with Daimler and DKV to develop and provide European Electronic Toll Services (EETS) throughout Europe. The planned end result of this partnership is an on-board until that covers all existing and future toll roads, tunnels and bridges. This would therefore allow users throughout Europe to be billed toll charges through one flexible device. This device is scheduled to launch in Germany, Austria, France, Belgium and Poland in 2018, with future plans to then  introduce it in Spain, Portugal, Italy and Hungary.  T-systems will be discussing this in venture in greater depth in their session at the conference to be held in Brussels on the 8th and 9th of March.