The Road Haulage Association on the London Lorry Control Scheme

The London Lorry Control Scheme aims to keep noise pollution to a minimum in residential areas during the weekend and at night by restricting the use of certain roads by heavy goods vehicles over 18 tonnes. Permission must be granted to use the restricted roads during controlled hours and the use of such roads must be kept to a minimum. HGVs remain free to travel along the ERN (Excluded Road Network) at any time. The Road Haulage Association released a policy paper on the 7th of December, in which they welcomed the review of the LLCS, concluding that it is now unsuitable and should be ‘scrapped’.

The LLCS was introduced in the 1980’s and since then London has transformed into a 24/7 city, therefore the scheme is outdated and hindering road network capacity, causing unnecessary congestion and in turn, affecting air quality. The RHA have suggested that the LLCS should reflect this, meeting the current needs of London as a 24/7 city. In lieu of the old scheme, the RHA suggests limitation of lorry movement to be from 23:00pm to 5:00am, as opposed to being from 21:00pm to 7:00am. The aim of extending the time frame in which HGVs can access to all London roads is to minimise the congestion generated by these vehicles in peak hours to improve productivity. As a result, this would also help to cut emissions, ameliorate carbon efficiency and reduce the cost of supplying London.