Transport for London's proposal for new Silvertown Tunnel

Transport for London has proposed the creation of a road tunnel in south-east London, between the Greenwich Peninsula and Silvertown, to be called the Silvertown Tunnel. The aim of the new tunnel is to reduce the traffic flow through the Blackwall Tunnel to relieve congestion, as well as offering an alternative route should any incidents arise. The tunnel will also cater to the needs of freight and delivery businesses, making them more reliable by providing a shorter journey time. The end result will be a more dependent and efficient road network to which caters to the needs of the public and businesses.  There are also plans to implement user charging at the Silvertown and Blackwall Tunnels as a means of generating income to fund the maintenance and construction of the Tunnel. Likewise, the Tunnel will allow the possibility of introducing new cross-river bus links.

Transport for London first applied to the Secretary of State for Transport for Development Consent Order in April 2016. Following on from this, in October 2016, a six-month public examination of the Silvertown Tunnel scheme began. The examination is due to be finished in April 2017. Should the application be successful, the construction of the Silvertown Tunnel will begin in 2018, with the expected completion date being in 2022/23.