Axxès take on the role of networking partner

With the Road User Charging Conference approaching, we announce another one of our new networking partners, Axxès.

Axxès is a French company specialising in interoperable HGV toll collection. It was the first to introduce interoperability in Germany, Spain, Portugal and Belgium. Axxes is a major player in the tolling market and seeks to continually improve its European services. It does this by drawing on the skills of its staff and technological advances in order to deliver and develop its ambition, which is to lift all barriers and open up new prospects for its customers.

Axxès is a certified EETS provider (European Electronic Toll Service), having obtained its EETS certification of the 4th of January, 2016. Accordingly, Axxès provides a single device and a single contract for all European countries. The EETS promotes interoperability across all the toll networks in Europe by establishing the use of a single on-board unit and a single contract.

Axxès offer a single subscription with use ease of a single ViAxxes SAT On Board Unit, which uses a combination of microwave and satellite technology. The Viaxxes aim to offer a simplified tolling service, as well as providing support and saving for their customers.

In 2005, Axxès gained ASFA approval and became the first issuer to introduce electronic toll collection for coaches and heavy goods vehicles in France. Currently, Axxès have over 150,000 badges in circulation and serve over 30,000 customers with 40 different nationalities and over 50 partners across Europe. Axxes is currently working to extend its coverage to include Belgium in its interoperable network and begin to collect the Belgian mileage charge.

Keep a look out for Axxès at the Road User Charging Conference on the 8th and 9th of March!