Be-Mobile at the Road User Charging Conference as networking partner

Look out for Be-Mobile at the Road User Charging Conference this week as a networking partner. Be-Mobile is a smart mobility company specialising in providing a wide range of solutions for public authorities, road operators and private companies.  It provides actionable traffic management through the information acquired from road sensors, connected vehicles, traffic operators and multimodal mobility sources. Be-Mobile’s Big Data platform allows traffic flows optimisation as traffic control messages are transformed into personalised messages which appear on users’ dashboards or smartphones.

Be-Mobile also provide smart tolling and map matching solutions. Be-Mobile’s map matching covers the whole of Europe and allows for accurate real-time insights into traffic flow. The data from connected vehicles use smart algorithms to map each individual driver’s covered trajectory, guaranteeing accurate toll collection. Likewise, the tolling intelligence used by Be-Mobile is cloud based and therefore can be continuously updated and upgraded to unsure the most accurate tolling data is provided. Be mobile provides its customers with the necessary tools to collect the accurate tolling around, to enable road user incentives to avoid peak times for improved mobility and to deliver accurate map matching of routes.

Be-Mobile’s electronic tolling platforms offers the base for distance based tolling projects worldwide, enabling Toll Service Providers to operate distance bases tolling, time dependent tolling and to provide toll maps based on roll roads or zones.

Join them at the Road User Charging Conference on Wednesday 8th and Thursday 9th of March 2017!