Cubic to feature as networking partner

The Road User Charging Conference is to commence on Wednesday on the 8th of March and we are proud to announce Cubic Transportations Systems as a networking partner.

Cubic provide integrated payment and information solutions for intelligent travel applications. It delivers integrated systems for both transportation and traffic management. Cubic’s wide range of tools provide real-time information to transport agencies and authorities, which, in turn, allows the management of demand across the whole transportation network. As a result, travellers are provided with the easiest and smartest to way to make and pay for any journeys made.

Cubic also serve the tolling industry, and have created a tolling platform which enables an integration of payment processing, customer service and financial management. Currently, Cubic manage $18 billion in revenues for the transportation industry. Cubic’s tolling solution aims to allow for multi-agency use, which means that each remains in control and can apply its own business rules, revenue apportionment and general ledger. This establishes a strong platform for both customer services and account-based payment processing for across states or regions for various agencies or operations.

This year, Cubic and Transport for London were awarded the “London First Award for Innovation” at the London First Awards, being the ninth major award that has recognised Cubic and Transport for London’s contactless payment system. They won the award for the introduction of the contactless bank card payment option for public transport in the UK’s capital. The contactless bank card system was first launched in 2012 and extended further in 2014 to cover the entirety of London- from tube and rail, to bus and tram services.