Q-Free at the Road User Charging Conference as a Networking partner

One more day until the Road User Charging Conference! Join us and the likes of our networking partner, Q-Free, as various speakers from all around the world share their invaluable industry insight and latest trends.

With headquarters in Trondheim, Norway, Q-Free supply and provide products and solutions for ITS (Intelligent Transportation System) users. Q-free provide solutions in parking, tolling, traffic management and connected ITS (C-ITS) alongside sensors for infrastructure, environmental and vulnerable road monitoring.

Regarding tolling, Q-Free provide a variety of tolling solutions and technologies to suit the needs of any user. It provides Electronic Toll Collection (ETC), Multi-Lane Free-Flow or Open Road Tolling, Congestion/Cordon-Based Charging, Automatic Vehicle Classification, Truck Tolling, and Managed/HOT Lanes. These solutions can cater to a single road, region or country.

Q-Free also specialise in providing In-Vehicle Systems, which include On-Board Units, Connected Vehicle/Connected ITS and Smart Device applications. Additionally, included in Q-Free’s services is a comprehensive Managed Services, which supports tolling agencies to ensure that optimised capital and operating expenditure.

Q-Free’s rage of data gathering products provide solutions for traffic management, but are also useful when dealing with Smart City and Mobility as a Service applications. Such data, gathered from a variety of sources, can be processed and shared with stakeholders to provide a means of distributing relevant data to travellers to improve their journeys, which can be easily accessed through the internet and various data apps.