Satellic as Networking Partner

As the countdown begins for the Road User Charging Conference on the 8th and 9th of March, we welcome Satellic as new additional networking partner. Satellic works under the supervision of Viapass and is responsible for the creation, financing, maintenance and operation of the kilometre chafing systems established in the three regions of Belgium in 2014.

As of the 1st of April 2016, it was required for any heavy goods vehicles in Belgium to have an On Board Unit (OBU) should it exceed a weight of 3.5 tonnes. The OBU must be used on any Belgian road and is to be levied on motorways and some regional or municipal roads.

The OBU, using satellite technology (GNSS) is able to track the route of the vehicle and its location. The device also works with mobile (GSM) and dedicated short range communication (DSRC). The road levy is determined by the type of road the HGV travels on, and the system adapts accordingly and takes into account: the road used, the maximum vehicle weight, the Euro emission class, and the distance travelled in a particular region.

Satellic’s system is flexible and will be undergoing further improvements and updates over the course of the following year to improve the user experience. The goal is to have the system continuously updated and improved as part of Satellic’s core mission, which the company sets out to accomplish daily. Since the launch of the system, several automated upgrades have meant that a few new features have been introduced. For example, journey visualisation (including the option of viewing and downloading several days at once), simplified coupling and decoupling, warning messages on the OBU display and fleet invoicing has allowed Satellic to successfully address the demands and needs of users.

Currently, more than 600,000 vehicles are registered with Satellic and the Belgium road network is used daily by around 130,000 to 140,000 heavy goods vehicles. Satellic ended 2016 on a good note as 530,000 of its OBU are installed in trucks which use the Belgian road network that exceed 3.5 tonnes. In addition, the kilometre charging systems for the Belgian Regions was recorded to have a GPS precision rate of 99.7%. This figure exceeds the Regions’ expectations. The closing figures for 2016 were announced by Thomas Pferr, 100 days after he had taken over as CEO of Satellic.