Kurt Joosen

General Manager



Kurt Joosen , Belgian citizen and born August 16 in 1971, is married with Veerle Geens and father of two young boys, Axl and Lars.

Kurt started his professional career in his father’s transport company. In 1995 they founded together a new transport company, Transport Joosen Ltd. They increased their business slow but firm from 2 employees to the 140 employees in 2016. Today the company owns more than 400 units of driving equipment.

Beside his business, Kurt is active within several federations and committees. He is President of SAVA, Board Member of Febetra and member of a wide number of commissions within the Port of Antwerp. He is also the founder of Eurotranscon, a web platform to optimize transport orders within the transport sector. This platform saves over 7000 Tons of CO2 per year. Transport Joosen is also nominated as one of the Ambassadors of Clean Air within the Port.

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