Sven Maerivoet

Senior Researcher and Member of the Data Enrichment Group

Transport & Mobility Leuven




Sven Maerivoet holds a PhD degree in traffic engineering. Within TML he’s a senior researcher and member of the Data Enrichment Group. His expertise spans over a decade of research and lies mainly in transportation planning models, traffic flow theory, courses and lectures, numerical and statistical analysis of various traffic data, macroscopic and microscopic flow models for traffic dynamics, travel time loss functions, multi-agent systems applied to pedestrian flows, sustainability effects in cities, external costs due to congestion on the road network, the related parking problems and innovative technological solutions (including intelligent navigation and statistical analysis payments at parking ticket dispensers), intelligent transportation systems (ITS) with road user charging as an application and the creation of added-value services on such platforms, and active member of several working groups in the ITS Belgium organisation and member of the advisory council of the Flemish Institute for Mobility (VIM).

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