Zoltán Varga

Director of Road Charging

State Motorway Management Company



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Zoltán has joined to the of Hungary (SMMC) in 2011, after he spent almost 17 years in the vehicle financing business with companies like General Motors, BMW and Scania. As a director of road charging, his major task was in his new position to restructure the directorate, change the territorial split of the different departments and reorganize them in line with the main processes and work-flows of the applied e-vignette road charging in Hungary. Successfully completing this task, the next challenge was by maintaining the service level in the e-vignette system to develop and extend the organization to make it ready and available for the implementation of the HU-GO distance based e-toll system, on 6,500 km road network of Hungary. Since the HU-GO system implementation by the 1st of July 2013, in both type of tolling schemes the directorate is responsible for the sales, enforcement and customer relation activities from the processes point of view and also acts as the Toll Charger and Bound Service Provider according to the EU regulations.
By the 1st of November 2013 SMMC has changed the scope of activities, the highway operation, management and maintenance activities were transferred to the Hungarian Public Road company and the name was also changed to National Toll Payment Services PLC (NTPS). Since that time the company became the competence center of all type road charging in Hungary. Zoltan currently holds the position of professional consultant at NTSP and also acts as the general manager of Toll Service PLC, the 100% subsidiary of NTSP.

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