Satellic Tolling Platform – Tolling as a Service

T-Systems has a long and successful track record in road-charging and telematics services: more than 10 years ago, T-Systems designed and implemented major parts of the world’s first-ever GNSS-based toll collection system, for heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) using German highways. In 2005, T-Systems formed the Satellic Traffic Management GmbH subsidiary, with the aim of developing a next-generation road charging system based on experience gained from the German project, and to address the growing international market. In late 2010, Satellic Traffic Management GmbH merged with T-Systems, becoming part of the Public Sector & Healthcare division and renamed Satellic Telematic Services. Satellic’s unique expertise in key technologies is not only a valuable resource in the road charging space: it is also an important foundation for the provision of high-quality solutions in many other emerging fields of application. Telematic concepts are a key focus of the strategy in place at Deutsche Telekom AG and T-Systems International GmbH. T-Systems will be demonstrating the Satellic Tolling Platform, a state-of-the-art high-quality GNSS-based road user charging system. This includes an easy-to-install on-board unit (OBU) and a self-service Web portal for quick-and-simple customer access. All key processes in the lifecycle of a toll collection system – for both end-users and the OBU – will be on show. Insights will be provided into the quality of the GNSS toll detection and calculation algorithm, and into the direct feedback given to users. The demonstration takes the shape of a test drive in a challenging urban environment. The Satellic Tolling Platform is the basis for T-Systems’ Tolling as a Service offering: road-charging organizations can outsource their toll detection and calculation processes to one of the world’s most experienced GNSS system operators, allowing them to concentrate on customer relations and value-added services.
T-Systems is the majority holding partner of the Belgium toll operator Satellic NV.