Satellic Tolling Platform – Tolling as a Service

T-Systems has a long and successful track record in road-charging and telematics services: more than 13 years ago, T-Systems designed and implemented major parts of the world’s first-ever GNSS-based toll collection system, for heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) using German highways..

The Satellic Tolling Platform from T-Systems is a state-of-the-art high-quality GNSS-based road user charging system. This includes an easy-to-install on-board unit (OBU) and a self-service Web portal for quick-and-simple customer access.

The Satellic Tolling Platform is the basis for T-Systems’ Tolling as a Service offering: road-charging organizations can outsource their toll detection and calculation processes to one of the world’s most experienced GNSS system operators, allowing them to concentrate on customer relations and value-added services.

T-Systems is the majority holding partner of the Belgium toll operator Satellic NV