Justify your attendance


We are not surprised that you would like to attend the Road User Charging Conference, however we understand you may have to convince your management team to allow you to come. Fortunately for you, we make that part easy.

The Road User Charging Conference provides you with the opportunity to learn from expert thought leaders as well as the chance to network and meet with other professionals in the industry. Obviously we are biased, but we are more then confident in saying you will get some unbeatable professional development.

Each year, the conference explores new topics as well as updating the audience on previous themes that have been discussed. That means that even if you have attended in the past, you will always learn something new and exciting.

We have drafted a justification email template for you to use when approaching your management team with this opportunity. It includes a breakdown of prices and also the key selling points for you to use. All you have to do is copy and paste this email, and you’ll be a step closer to discovering more about the world of Road User Charging.

Subject: Request to attend the Road User Charging Conference 2018

Dear [Manager’s name],

The Road User Charging Conference takes place on March 7th & 8th at the Radisson Blu in Brussels. The conference is a two day event, full of educational sessions from experts of the industry. As well as that, it will give me the chance to meet with over 180 other professionals to network and discuss the issues within the industry. I believe it will further develop my skills and also build knowledge of the issues that the industry is facing around the world but also discover the solutions that are tackling those issues.

If I attend I receive:

  • Over 14 hours of educational sessions.

This year’s programme includes sessions that touch on several important topics, including:

  • Changes in EU Legislation
  • Creating low emission zones
  • Funding sustainable mobility
  • Solutions to the Future Roads Policy
  • The role of the smartphone in electronic toll collection
  • Sustainable transport and the role of RUC
  • Case studies from the USA including the response to new improvements to various roads in the USA

I will also have the chance to learn about these topics from the industry leaders from around the world

  • A chance to network with over 180 professionals over the 2 days, with dedicated networking breaks and networking lunches.
  • Access to the key sponsors of the conference. Have the chance to speak 1-on-1 with solutions that could help us
  • Access to speakers presentations after the conference


Below, I will give an approximate cost for my attendance (complete information as appropriate)

Travel Costs €XXXX
Accomodation (2 nights at €249 a night) €498
Meals €XXX
Conference Pass €695/€1495 (dependent on private/public sector)
Total cost to attend €XXXX



I believe the insight that I will gain from attending the Road User Charging Conference can give not just me, but the whole company a better understanding of topic. The cost of the conference seems a small price for the valuable educational gains and the opportunity to meet companies with new solutions for us.

When I return, I will compile a short presentation covering speakers presentation notes, useful sponsor solutions information, new contacts I have made as well as a proposal for any new ideas that I feel we could implement. I will also make all conference material available to my colleagues.

Thank you for your consideration.

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