Kapsch join as a networking partner

Kapsch are also joining the Road User Charging Conference as a networking partner. The Kapsch Group is an international company that dedicated to providing telematics and telecommunications solutions, carrier and enterprise solutions. Part of the Kapsch Group is Kapsch TrafficCon, which specialises in equipping the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) market with smart solutions, technology and services. It caters to the needs of both motorists and road authorities, promoting traffic flow in a variety of environments, from urban and inter-urban to motorways. Kapsch provide solutions in a variety of traffic related areas, one of which is tolling. For the tolling sector, it provides solutions that allow tolls to be paid quickly and with ease with all-electronic toll collection in free-flow traffic or automated payment at a toll collection point, through either distance-based or time-based charging. This can be done using radio communication, satellite vehicle tracking, automatic number plate recognition, vehicle classification using sensors and through smart phones.

Kapsch has recently expanded its expertise in the area of intermodal urban travel by acquiring 75 percent of Fluidtime, a leading mobility platform that provides users with real-time information about transport options, transport modes and alternative routes, along with an option to book and pay, all in a single user app. Through this acquisition, Kapsch can build up its position to become a service and platform provider for cities planning to adopt the upcoming Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) schemes.

Likewise, Kapsch TrafficCom and Axxès have announced plans to collaborate further to advance the European Electronic Tolling Services (EETS) domain in order to provide a wider range of improved services to users and operators alike. The two companies have previously collaborated and achieved successful outcomes, such as the “Viapass Kilometre Charge”, implemented in April 2016. This is based on an agreement between the Belgian Regions, in which heavy good vehicles over 3.5 tonnes will pay a charge based on distance travelled, as a means of financing road infrastructure. Therefore all HGVs that drive through Belgium ware required to have to an On Board Unit that records the number of kilometres covered, transmitting the total toll charge to an invoicing centre. Kapsch have provided a GNSS solution that has been equipped by a fleet of 200,000 trucks served by Axxès. Starting with Germany and Italy, the two companies plan to tackle the newly emerging toll domains on the EETS market.