RUC & CiTTi Americas


RUC & CiTTi Americas

A brand new virtual event highlighting tolling & urban transport across the Americas

The Road User Charging & CiTTi Conference Americas is a brand-new virtual event that will highlight the latest tolling technologies, road pricing projects and intelligent transport systems being implemented in countries throughout North and South America. 

Taking place on 10-11 March 2021, this online event will bring together the North and South American tolling communities via an engaging and simple-to-use virtual conferencing platform that allows participants to network, share content, host video meetings and discuss important industry developments.

The two-day RUC & CiTTi Americas will see up to 20 expert speakers discuss how traffic is regulated and revenues generated on highways, freeways and express lanes, as well as on turnpikes in and out of the regions’ most congested cities, from New York and Los Angeles to Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires.

Road user charging schemes covering distance-based charging, congestion charging, all-electronic tolling, heavy-vehicle tolling, and automated enforcement will all be presented via insightful case studies and compelling panel discussions. As will issues affecting urban transportation, such as electric vehicle charging infrastructure, connected and autonomous vehicle testing, and cyclist and pedestrian safety.

What’s more, delegates who attend the Road User Charging & CiTTi Conference in Brussels on 11th-12th May 2021 will automatically receive a pass to attend RUC & CiTTi  Americas, ensuring maximum added value and a truly global perspective on the critical issues and emerging trends pervading the road pricing industry.  

Sponsors and speakers will include toll road operators, toll service providers, toll chargers, systems integrators, automotive manufacturers and suppliers, municipal councils, transportation and highways authorities, state and federal government, mobile telecom operators, telematics solutions providers, consultancies, device and equipment suppliers, technology companies and mobility service providers.

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Our 2021 agenda...

Day 1 - 10th March 2021

    • What to expect with I-880 tolled express lanes
    • Will this promote clean air vehicles in use?
    • What happens to solo drivers in non-clean air vehicles or two-person car-pools?
    • Local pilots in place from January
    • Looking at the Road User Fee Task Force to support its desire to have mandate starting with model years of 2027
    • Analyse studies relating to medium duty vehicles

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    • Hawaii opening public road to self-driving passenger cars and trucks
    • Manufacturers to conduct more tests involving self-driving vehicles
    • Improve carbon emissions and pollution on public roads

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  3. In a partnership with Panasonic, the Utah DOT is expanding connected vehicle technology to an additional 128 locations in two counties and 150 vehicles. Vehicles provide valuable information on road conditions and potential crashes, while the system will provide warnings back to vehicles about hazardous weather conditions and dangerous curves. Even more expansion is planned in the next two years.

    • How will Los Angeles impose congestion pricing
    • How will this change the public perception of congestion pricing?
    • Will this reduce congestion in the city?
    • Government are looking at how to invest in new congestion toll lanes to go on many highway areas
    • Consider how to reduce climate warming pollution by reducing car commuters and to travel by transit trips
    • Look how to drastically transform travel by 2050
    • Looking at ways to implement congestion pricing on express lanes
    • How to lower greenhouse gas emissions?
    • Will express lanes be a stepping-stone to more extensive congestion pricing strategies?

Day 2 - 11th March 2021

    • Construction value is at $180 million, with a total project cost of $277 million
    • The new toll way project will have two tolled lanes in each direction an option to widen to three lanes in the future
    • How will this affect the population and planned transportation improvements
    • Daily use of the new tolled lanes will have grown by triple by 2030.
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    • Passive pedestrian/cyclist detection at all locations via detection technologies
    • Real-time notification to transit, motorists, and pedestrian/cyclists
    • Signal phase and timing data broadcasting with active pedestrian/cyclist detection via RSU's.
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    • MDOT will provide the latest updates on Michigan’s Connected And Automated Vehicle projects and infrastructure, as well as highlight the newly announced CAV Corridor. 
    • The project envisions connecting Detroit and Ann Arbor along with key communities and destinations along Michigan Avenue and Interstate 94 in Wayne County and Washtenaw County with an innovative infrastructure solution that allows for a mix of connected and autonomous vehicles, traditional transit vehicles, shared mobility, and freight and personal vehicles.

  3. TBC

    • How do commercial trucks fare in a distance-based fee system? The answer: It’s complicated. Learn why in this presentation that will share new insights from the nation’s first multi-state mileage-based user fee truck pilot.
    • Conducted by The Eastern Transportation Coalition, the 2018-2019 pilot examined the feasibility of using existing regulations, administrative processes, and technology as a potential framework for a mileage-based fee transportation funding approach.
    • This presentation will review five key findings from the truck pilot, how industry feedback is being reflected in rate-setting and other pilot aspects, and early data from the Coalition’s current national truck pilot that is even more expansive than the first. The Coalition will connect the trucking industry insights with its passenger vehicle work, including effects of distance-based fees in rural and multi-state environments.

  4. Nation's oldest turnpike will be turning their entire system cashless by Autumn 2021

    • Benefits of using a cashless system
    • Are jobs being lost due to the cashless system
    • Challenges to implement this new cashless system

All times for Day 1 are shown in PST (GMT-8) and for Day 2 are shown in EST (GMT-5).

All sessions will be available after the conference on-demand. 

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