RUC Conference Programme


RUC Conference Programme

Two Days of Intelligence

The two-day agenda for CiTTi Magazine’s Road User Charging Conference is developed to ensure all delegates receive:

Ideas from leading senior international practitioners who understand your challenges.

Invaluable case studies on what authorities around the world have learned.

Networking breaks, including drinks reception, to help you dissect the event with your peers.

7th September 2021

  1. TBC

    • Has COVID-19 made any changes to payments and OBU’s?
    • Why have rates changed? 
    • What changes have been made for trucks to be equipped with OBU’s?

    • Will the planned changes under the Eurovignette directive shift the market to lower emissions trucks - and how?
    • How does the draft legislation align the level of the discount to the CO2 emitted by the vehicle? 
    • By when do Member States need to reform their toll charges in line with CO2 emissions? 
    • What are the main exemptions / exceptions? And can MSs go further? 
    • How is production of low and zero emission freight vehicles expected to respond? 
    • New free flow toll collection system with multiple lanes 

    • Does this mean all vehicles need a DSRC? 

    • Cashless payment tolls, are they a new way of payment after COVID-19?  

    • What challenges were faced with local and national toll collectors during COVID-19? What can be implemented for the future? 
    • Lessons learnt on how to tele-working on commuter traffic and urban mobility?
    • What is the economic impact and how will it affect the road transport sector? 
    • Is it a new way of life using cashless payments? 

    • Is there an update on the legislation process for the Eurovignette Directive?  

    • What has the review been for the EU Framework to the develop of infrastructure?   

    • What will happen to vignettes in the next 5 years?   

    File:European Commission.svg - Wikimedia Commons

    • Challenges expected on European roads? 
    • Different tolling system and rates – does this affect your operations. I
    • Is interoperability an issue? 
    • How much hassle does it cause freight companies using the road? 

  2. TBC

    DARS d.d.

8th September 2021

    • What is the current plan and when will it be implemented?
    • Who is in charge of the implementation and how will truck users perceive of this?
    • Can this reduce congestion on roads?
    • Does it give customers more ease when paying?
    • Who benefits from these fuel cards?
    • Explain the implementation of introducing 3 new fuel cards to the toll system?
  1. Czechtoll

    • What is the state of play of tolling and e-tolling deployment?
    • What are the interoperability challenges?
    • What is the impact of COVID-19 on tolling revenues in some of Western Balkans parties?
    • What are the plans to ensure regional interoperability?

    ABOUT - Transport Community

    • How to increase more funding for road infrastructure 

    • What opportunities are there for the future of road charging? 

    • Will technology soon change the ways toll operators work?  

    • Look at Jakarta’s cities which build MRT, LRT and BRT which have an individual plan to meet the needs for places for interchange
    • Discuss the interchange points which will be built as TOD and PPP scheme
    • Understand some of the regulation which have been issues for TOD as a mix use building and any more issues which could arise?
    • When will this be implemented? 

    • When will GNSS truck tolling take into effect? 

    • Can the truck toll increase or decrease trucks on the road?  

    • How did this happen?
    • Does this mean drivers will soon be able to cross all motorways of the country with one OBU?
    • When will this be implemented?
    • Can replacement of toll road fees and fuel tax and vehicle registration help road charging? 

    • Does it receive public acceptance? 

    • When will this take place?