Christophe Nicodème

Director General

European Union Road Federation



Christophe was born in Jemappes (Belgium) on January 27, 1961

Further to studies in Languages, then in Marketing, Christophe Nicodème has been active for 17 years in the Road Safety Sector, as Senior Business Manager for a company specialised in Road Markings, Road Maintenance and Road Safety Systems.

He has been involved in the activities of the European Union Road Federation (ERF) for more than 4 years as Member, Member of the Executive Committee, Treasurer and Vice-President.

In January 2008, he took over the position of Director General of the ERF.

The ERF (European Union Road Federation) is a non-profit organisation, based in Brussels, which coordinates the views of Europe’s road infrastructure sector and acts as a platform for dialogue and research on Road Mobility, Safety and Management issues.



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