Lino Morgione

Senior R&D - Sales Support Manager ITS

Norbit ITS AS


Lino Morgione after being graduated in Master of Science in Telecommunication Engineering at Alma Mater University of Bologna (Italy) started his career in 2001 at a Norwegian company called Norbit.


He started working on RF and microwave technology under what become after the ODM business unit of Norbit Group, by developing device prototypes up to robust commercial products. During first 4 years, he acquired experience in product and project management gaining R&D and innovation skills in RF and microwave technology. During the same period, Lino Morgione started also collecting experience in Intelligent Traffic System (ITS) for Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) application being involved in design and testing team when Norbit did develop both its own On Board Unit (OBU) and its Road Site Unit (RSU) products.


In 2006 Lino Morgione became CTO of Fenrits (Norbit’s founded company active in ETC application product development). During this period he refined his skills on ETC product development and test certifications, leading a team of engineers. He maintained this role until end of 2008 when he decided to expand his experience in a different area and move back to Italy.


In 2009 Lino Morgione started in Italy is own consultant company in energy management becoming Energy Manager (ENEA certified). This activity, still performed today part time, did include for almost 6 years industrial plant energy efficiency feasibility study and investment business plans, design and plant renovations.


In late 2012 Lino Morgione, restarted cooperation with Norbit Group concerning ETC product customer support and certification for different countries, becoming head of ITS product certification. In 2016, Norbit founded in Atessa (CH) – Italy, Norbit Srl, an Italian department of the group dedicated to ETC product R&D and certification with a local RF and microwave laboratory. Since then Lino Morgione works full times as R&D Senior Engineer and as Sales Support Manager for Norbit ITS (see also for more information).


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