Peter Barbara

National Coordinator of Electromobility in Malta

National Transport Authority


Since 2002 Peter Paul Barbara has been involved in project design and management.  He is an ardent advocate for Electromobility and green propulsions systems both in Malta and abroad and has been instrumental in the setting up of the National Electromobility Platform and ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems).


He is also the  co-drafter  of the Malta National Electromobility Action Plan, which plan foresees the eventual electrification of transportation in Malta.  Currently he is in fact the National Coordinator of Electromobility in Malta.  Besides Electromobility, Peter Paul is also responsible for the deployment of ITS as well as implementing a future transport ecosystem based on ITS and electric propulsion systems  on the Smart City Concept while in the meantime promoting new sustainable urban mobility solutions and innovation.


A demonstration project implemented by his unit has since then won three  international awards for sustainable mobility and innovation in island states. He is also author of a number of articles in specialized international publications.  In his presentation, Peter Paul will be presenting the Platform and elaborating on the National Electromobility Action Plan and its achievements so far.


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