Fabio Rogério Carvalho

Fabio Rogério Carvalho

Director of the Department of Partnerships, Ministry of Infrastructure, Brazil
Fábio Rogério Carvalho is Director of the Department of Partnerships of the Ministry of Infrastructure and responsible for the realization of federal works of works in the sectors of highways, airports, railroads and ports. Also, Mr. Carvalho is a lawyer working in the State Law, with emphasis on Administrative Law and Regulation. Graduated in the areas of Constitutional, Administrative and Tax Law, Regulation of Public Services, Competition Law and Regulation. He also holds a course in Regulatory Policy by George Washington University, Washington-DC. He is a public server and worked in different positions at Federal Government, included as Superintendent of Economic and Financial Regulation of ANTT, Manager of User Defense and Competition, Chair of the Standing Committee on Bids, Chief of Contracts and Covenants Sector, Planning and Budget Team Leader and Project Manager of the Civil Aviation Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic. He is also a professor of postgraduate courses in Administrative Law, Regulation and Competition, and has taught classes throughout Brazil