Malika Seddi

Malika Seddi

Secretary General & CEO, ASECAP

Malika SEDDI is Secretary General and CEO of ASECAP, European Association of Toll motorway Operators. She maintains contacts and relations with the European Institutions and international organizations. Over a toll industry career that has spanned more than 30 years, Malika SEDDI has been working in ASFA (Association of French toll motorway companies) as Director of International and European affairs. She has been active in IBTTA (International organization representing the toll operators) where she serves as Board members and as International Vice- President, ASECAP (the Association for Toll Operators in Europe), serving as chair of ASECAP’s road safety and sustainable development committee, ERTICO-ITS Europe, member of program committee, and PIARC, a member of PIARC’s road safety committee. She was strongly involved projects co-funded by the European Commission:  communication team leader for Arc Atlantique, a seven-nation project to deploy harmonized ITS services in the European Union., MedTis project, ITS deployment on the Mediterranean corridor and EU EIP Platform (coordination of ITS Corridors),. She was involved in CESARE projects, which set up the basis of European ETC interoperability.