Maureen Bock

Mrs Maureen Bock

Chief Innovation Officer, OReGo

Maureen Bock is ODOT’s Chief Innovation Officer. As the Chief Innovation Officer, she is oversees staff who consult with others in the agency to develop innovative solutions. This can be developing policies in innovative areas, such as connected, automated and electric vehicle deployment, and for doing projects related to these types of areas. This area includes staff that work on developing public-private partnerships. She also oversees the incubation of new business lines, such as OReGO, to an early stage of maturity so they can be moved to other parts of the agency with minimal disruption. As the OReGO Program Manager, she continues to lead the OReGO Program through its evolution towards a sustainable funding solution.


Maureen has an undergraduate degree in accounting from California State University-Fullerton and her juris doctor from the University of Arkansas. Maureen was formerly the fuels tax manager with ODOT, where she developed the business case that was instrumental in replacing the legacy Fuels Tax System with one that will enable greater compliance.  Maureen left ODOT in 2011 to work with the Oregon Department of Energy, where she led in redesigning its tax credit programs including those affecting transportation. She returned to ODOT in 2014 to become the Road Usage Charge Business Implementation Manager and worked with a team of business and IT professionals, as well as three commercial vendors, to design and implement the business processes and systems that support the collection of road usage charges.