Steve Morello

Mr Steve Morello

Partner, Milestone Solutions, LLP

Steve Morello, Partner in Milestone Solutions, based in Miami, has 30 years of experience in the transportation sector and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). For the past 20 years he played a key role in Europe and the USA in the development of projects for transportation funding for distance-based charging for light and heavy vehicles, traditional tolling, urban mobility pricing, electronic road pricing, and automated enforcement. Since co-founding Milestone Solutions in 2011, Steve has focused on distance-based charging pilot projects in Oregon, Washington, California and Hawaii. He leads business development, vendor procurement and market research activities; and he supports interoperability and contracts management. Steve has a long history of involvement in ITS and distance-based charging with more than 150 papers and presentations for specialized trade journals and ITS, road pricing, transportation infrastructure, and tolling conferences around the world. Steve has a B.A. in Mathematical Sciences and M.A. in Journalism from the University of Iowa as well as M.Sc. in Transport Economics from the University of Lyon, France.