Tanya Bedward

Tanya Bedward

Senior Director, Transport Policy (International and Land), Ministry of Transport and Mining

Tanya Bedward (JP) is the Senior Director, Transport Policy (International & Land) at the Ministry of Transport and Mining in Jamaica where she has worked for in excess of fourteen (14) years. She has tremendous knowledge and experience in transport administration at the Central Government level, spanning the areas of transport planning, transport policy development, projects development and implementation, government procurement among others.

She is a Director on the Boards of Jamaica’s Toll Authority, and the Airports Authority of Jamaica. Miss Bedward has also been integrally involved on several teams, tasked with evaluating the various aspects of the different modes of transport, with a view to developing and streamlining policies to enhance the efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability of the island’s transport sector.

She has taught at the University of Technology, Jamaica on a part time basis for several years. She currently resides in Jamaica.