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Two Days of Intelligence

The two-day agenda for CiTTi Magazine’s Road User Charging Conference 2024 is developed to ensure all delegates receive:

Ideas from leading senior international practitioners who understand your challenges.

Invaluable case studies on what authorities around the world have learned.

Networking breaks, including drinks reception, to help you dissect the event with your peers.

2024 Agenda

  1. 25 mins
    • 10 years Viapass
    • Exemption for zero emission trucks
    • Introducing a flexible secondary system


  1. 25 mins
    • Progress of tolling in the Netherlands
    • Preparation and organisation of heavy goods vehicle charge and e-toll
    • The Dutch design


  1. 25 mins
    • The impact a sophisticated and orchestrated fraudulent attack in eFlow’s name had on the toll service provider’s operation
    • A case study of the eFlow incident response: actions the toll service provider and the authority undertook to educate and reassure the public, the external relationships and vendors they used to counter the attack
    • The lessons learnt from stabilising the operations for other toll service providerscray
  1. 25 mins
    • Understanding the seamless integration of road user charging within the context of smart cities

    • Exploring the contributions of technologies such as IoT and AI

    • Recognising the multifaceted impact of road user chargingkendrick

  1. 25 mins
    • The presentation emphasizes the importance of leveraging toll data for making informed decisions
    • It demonstrates the potential of toll data in predictive analytics and explains how toll data help to enable authorities to optimize traffic management strategies
    • It further illustrates how toll data provide valuable insight for road infrastructure planning and improvementslolll
  1. 25 mins
    • Technical implementation – challenges and opportunities
    • Process adjustments 
    • Communication with stakeholders such as EETS providers, vehicle manufacturers and customersed
  1. 25 mins
    • Roadmap for introducing CO2 tolling in EU member states
    • First experiences from introduction of CO2 based tolling in Germany and Austria
    • Recommendations for successful introduction of CO2 tolling in other countriesyeah
  1. 25 mins


    • Data protection: a privacy-by-design approach
    • Requirement of a solid legal basis
    • Privacy perception as a design issue


  1. 60 mins
  1. 25 mins
    • Project milestones, phases of the implementation
    • Project team organization and cooperation
    • Challenges and lessons learned22
  1. 25 mins
    • Vision and transformation strategy plan in context of RUC restructuring and transportation infrastructure funding

    • Experience from successful implementation of RUC for electric cars as first step of the transformation strategy

    • Communication strategy as an important factor for “transformation buy in” from different types of stakeholders (political, governmental, businesses and road user)kkklk

  1. 25 mins
    •    Innovative solutions affect the design of greener toll enforcement
    •    AI to reduce hardware and power consumption, while maintaining high performance
    •    Latest toll checker generation TC5 at a glance
  1. 25 mins
    • Understand the shift from traditional On-Board Units (OBU) to modern OEM In-Vehicle Telematics
    • Insight into the future of Tolling technologies, high-powered in-vehicle computers in modern trucks, 
    • Learning about the benefits of advanced tolling solutions, including enhanced efficiency, reduced hardware dependency, and streamlined road user charging
  1. 25 mins
    • Introduction to the Danish road toll for heavy vehicles
    • Pros and cons of a fully digital system
    • Other lessons learned from the ongoing implementationokokokoh
  1. 25 mins
    • General overview of the GNSS electronic toll collection system in Bulgaria
    • Statistic information and analysis for the incomes since the implementation of the system in Bulgaria
    • Development prospects and future plans for expanding the system with additional functionalities, including improving the road safetyoooo
  1. 25 mins
    • What are the latest RUC initiatives in the US?

    • The latest news on a national pilot project and new programs for state pilots and programs
    • What baseline of knowledge has been created by the pilot projects conducted so far?lollll
  1. 25 mins
    • Free-flow tolling is cost efficient, time efficient and space efficient
    • Free-flow tolling in Norway utilizes technically robust and reliable technology
    • Free-flow tolling is for everyone, including foreign carsheya
  1. 25 mins


    • Understanding the impact of technology on reducing manual efforts and operational costs in road user charging systems

    • How technology can significantly improve and expedite the revenue collection process in the context of road user charging

    • Understanding the benefits behind technology integration on the decision making

  1. 25 mins
    • Why analysis of OBU data from Belgium’s HGV kilometre charge is very insightful

    • How policymakers can use the results to deal with parking, congestion, road usage, etc.

    • How road freight activity can be explored in various levels of detail eoe

  1. 25 mins
    • EU rules to vary road tolls for heavy-duty vehicles based on their CO2 emissions

    • Impact of CO2-based road tolls on TCO parity and ZEV market uptake across the EU

    • How EU countries can best implement the Eurovignette reform to help put cleaner trucks on the roadfhhj

  1. 25 mins
    • Understanding the fundamental pillars of governance, risk and compliance (GRC) and why these pillars are crucial for the RUC industry’s success

    • Examining the broader global context and its implications for GRC practices within the industry

    • How GRC principles translate into tangible value and the impact of GRC on operational efficiency, risk mitigation and overall organisational resilienceweeeeee

  1. 25 mins
    • Overview of Motorways of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina

    • Integration and development of the electronic toll system 

    • Interoperability with Republic of Srpska Motorways and future strategyokokokok

  1. 25 mins
    • Innovative collaboration between cities and technology experts

    • Challenges and progress of C-ITS and UVAR integration

    • Future potential of C-ITS and UVARkanye

  1. 25 mins
    • Case study of the second largest road-user charging scheme in the UK 

    • Objectives of Bradford's clean air zone

    • Where and how net proceeds from the clean air zone are being re-investedqssw

2024 Speakers


  • "Overall interesting, informative, and a great networking opportunity."
    Senior Executive
    ITS New Zealand
  • "A great place to meet the movers and shaker of the road user charging industry."
    Trevor Ellis
  • "I enjoyed taking part in the RUC conference, the learning and contributing in a vibrant and innovative community."
    Wyeval Consulting
  • "There was a good variety of presentations!"
    Project Manager
    The Danish Road Directorate
  • "What was special was the networking opportunities..."
    Commercial Director
    TollPlus Europe
  • "Good mix of presentations and networking"
    Business Development
    Kapsch Traffic Com AG
  • "The sense of camaraderie among the delegates was great. Very friendly and inviting."
    Senior Executive
  • "Great opportunity to get a good glance of the sector."
    Business Devlopment
    A-to-Be Mobility Technology